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Piece of LA

Piece of LA, 50″x24.5″,  2016/5 – HQ print on archival grade paper

This piece was a little bit of an experiment but something I’ve wanted to try for a while.  One of the things I love so much about working with textiles is that there is so much detail and tactile beauty in everything.  Of course, when you’re farther away from the piece the details are harder to make out.  It is true that this should be something that pekes the viewers interest and draws them closer but in this work the user is confronted by the piece from a much farther distance.  The photograph was taken on an 8×10 camera by the photographer, Miska Draskoszy, and then I cropped and digitally manipulated it, making this unfinished piece into a distinct work of its own.

Surface: Works by A. Holly Sphar and Alan Rosner – Spring Show @ Gureje

I’m very pleased and excited to let you know that I have been invited to show at the Renate Albertsen-Marton Gallery in Prospect Heights this spring.  It will be a joint show with a multi-media artist (multiple mediums, not multimedia 🙂 ) at Guréje, an artist space/boutique.  The opening is on April 25th from 6:00-?.  The show will be up through June 8th.

The Village @ Gureje’s address is:

886 Pacific St
(between Underhill Ave & Washington Ave)
New York, NY 11238

The closest train stop is the Clinton-Washington Ave stop on the C.  The B,Q and the 2,3 are also within walking distance.


Welcome to my new portfolio website…  I am an artist living in Brooklyn.  My main medium is embroidery however I still am thinking about my pieces in more of a painterly / drawerly (?) way.

Because of the work I do in my other life as a web professional, some of my more recent work deals with comparisons of the physical, tactile world of craft and hand-construction with the technical world of digital technology.

Keep coming back to see new work and to stay up on what is going on in my art world.